Готовим к спуску МАРС-10 с дизельным двигателем Iveco 146 л.с.

Катер проходит цикл швартовных испытаний — работа со сменой режимов от 2 до 3.5 тысяч оборотов в минуту на швартах с винтом. Суммарный цикл испытаний на швартах — 3 часа.

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Приглашаем всех на тест драйв! Звоните 8 (831) 215 15 95 и записывайтесь в удобное для вас время!

Не упустите момент получить незабываемые эмоции!

— We are preparing to launch the MARS-10 with a 146 hp Iveco diesel engine.

The boat is passing a cycle of mooring tests — work with a change of modes from 2 to 3.5 thousand revolutions per minute in mooring with a screw. The total test cycle is 3 hours.

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We invite everyone to the test drive! Call 8 (831) 215 15 95 and sign up at a time convenient for you!

Do not miss the moment to get unforgettable emotions!

Big test drive

From December 21, 2019, tests of the new Mars-10 boat are in full swing. Every day a test crew consisting of an experienced captain, mechanic and chief designer test a new craft. Steep climbs, hummocks, trenches are far from a complete list of obstacles that the boat overcomes on running trials. Periodically, potential customers and our dealers join testers. Here is a review of one of them:

«Nizhny Novgorod Mars-10 and a wonderful frost at 15 degrees)) I will lay out something like this later. As long as I can say the boat turned out great!» Dydalev I.V.

Thank you for your feedback and look forward to fruitful cooperation.

We invite everyone to a test drive! Call and sign up at a convenient time for you!

Do not miss the moment to get unforgettable emotions!

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